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e-File your Income Tax Returns FY 2016-17!!!

Exclusively for HDFC Bank Employees



Basic - Do it YourSelf

Do it yourself. If you are sure about the return prepared by yourself.

Upload your Form 16 and Prepare your ITR in 5 mins

File for FREE. No Hidden Charges. Read More

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  •   Prepare & e-File Yourself
  •   Step by Step Guidance
  •   Upload Form 16 and Auto Preparation
  •   Secure way of e-filing
  •   Customer Support

CA Assisted e-Filing

Let our CA do it for you with 26 AS Tax Credit Check.

Save upto Rs 250 get discount on package of Rs 750/*.

File for Rs 500/* only. Read More

Recommended* - to claim Maximum Tax Refund
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  •   We Prepare & e-File for You
  •   Maximum Claim of Tax Refund
  •   26AS Tax Credit Check
  •   Tracking of Tax Refund
  •   100% Accurate & Ensuring Complete Process

ITR 4 Professional

For Individual Business Owners/ Professionals

Avail Rs 200 discount on regular package of Rs 1000/*.

File for Rs 800/* only. Read More

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  •   Individual Business Return
  •   We prepare for you
  •   We e-file for you
  •   26AS Tax Credit Check
  •   Tracking of Tax Refund

Previous Year Return - FY 15-16

File for Rs 750/* only.

Avoid Show Cause Notices from DIT

Claim Tax Refund if any

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  •   We prepare for you
  •   We e-file for you
  •   26AS Tax Credit Check
  •   Tracking of Tax Refund
  •   Ensuring Complete Process

Annual Subsciption Package

All year round tax solutions including tax returns in one pack. Pay once annually.

All for Rs 2500/* only. Read More

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  •   Tax Management
  •   Unlimited Tax Queries
  •   Tax Returns - Complete
  •   Tax Assessment Protect
  •   Tax Relationship Manager

Tax Rectification/ IT Notice

eFiling of Corrective Tax Return

Replying or eFIling of Corrective Return against the Demand Notice from DIT.

File for Rs 1500/* only. Read More

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  •   Assessment of Reason for Tax Demand
  •   CA Preparing the corrective tax return
  •   Compliance Notice from DIT
  •   Processing of Tax Rectification u/s 154
  •   Customer Support

For other services like - Tax Refund, Tax Notices or Intimation or Tax Rectification call us at 09555331122 or email us at

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* CA Advisory Charges Extra - Depending on case to case basis