Tax Return Preparation Process
  1. Register with, if already user then login to the site and follow My Account link. If you are an existing user of, then you can directly login to with your's User name and Password.
  2. Create a new ITR by clicking on Add New ITR button and provide it an appropriate name.
  3. Click on the Edit Button for inserting and updating the information.
  4. Follow the links Personal Information and Additional Personal Information on My ITR page, and provide the detailed information.
  5. Click on My Income tab for filling your income details. Follow Different tabs for your different source of incomes. Follow :-
    1. Salary: Providing information of the income you are withdrawing from your salary.
      • Click on the Add New Employer tab and provide the employer information as per Form-16.
      • And Follow the link to proceed Form-16
      • Provide all the details in the Form-16
      • Follow the Investment link for providing information about Investment & Expenditures.
    2. House Property: Provide information about the income you are getting from your house-hold properties. If you don't have that income then fill the amount of interest on housing loan from Form-16 provided by your employer.
    3. Capital Gain: The income you are withdrawing through Mutual Funds, Shares, Bonds and Other Capital assets
    4. Other Sources: The income you are getting from family pension, agricultural, Rent, lottery, gift etc.
    5. Clubbing of Income: Provide details of the particular person if you want to clubbed your income with your family members.
  6. Follow My Deductions Link for adding details of your Investments and Expenditures.
    1. Follow the Edit button and add the details of your Investments in Mutual funds, Life Insurance, Provident Funds, Bank Fds, Postal Schemes, Tax Saving Bonds, Capital Gain Bonds, and Other 80C Investments.
    2. Follow the Expenditure link for provide details of different Expenditures like 80c, 80D, 80DD, 80DDB, 80E, 80G, 80GG, 80GGA/80GGC
  7. Follow the My Tax Details tab for providing information of TDS ( Tax Deduction at source ).
    1. Add  details of  Tax Deducted at Source from Interest and Other Sources ( as per Form-16A )
    2. Add  details of  Self Assessment Tax and Advance Tax ( Tax Payment Details )
    3. Add  details of  Tax Deducted at Source from Salary ( as per Form-16 )
  8. Provide AIR ( Annual Information Report ) information by follow the AIR Details tab.
  9. After Completing all above details fill the bank details by following the Bank Details tab.
  10. Follow the link Filing Status and provide the related information.
  11. After paying the amount of our services you can download the XML or Paper return.
    1. For payment options follow the link Shopping Cart in My Account page
    2. Check the box in front of the ITR then click on Buy Now
    3. Select the Payment Mode and click on Pay Now Button
    4. Once you have the payment confirmations you can create as many as Form-16 you have.
    5. Download the ITR or Paper Returns

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